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Sử dụng các công nghệ hiện đại nhất trên thế giới như: Cooltech Define, Đông Hủy Mỡ Zeltiq, Laser SculpSure, Vanquish Me, RF Siêu Âm Exilis, Laser I-lipo, Sóng Âm Cellactor, Điện Sinh Học Beam...

Apply the world’s newest beauty technologies: Cooltech Define, Cool Sculpting Zeltiq,SculpSure Laser, Vanquish ME, Exilis, I-lipo Laser, Cellactor, Beam...

Fat cell destruction; body contouring by Radio Frequency (RF), focused Ultrasound (Ultrashape), acoustic wave (Cellator).

The Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Care Clinic Dr Tu is a state-of-the-art medical facility dedicated to providing customized facial and body contouring services. We strive to distinguish ourselves by offering our patients a sophisticated combination of technical expertise, personalized customer service and some of the most innovative skin care, body contouring, and anti-aging products and services available in the region.

The Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Care Clinic Dr Tu is a state-of-the-art medical facility dedicated to providing customized facial and body contouring services. We strive to distinguish ourselves by offering our patients a sophisticated combination of technical expertise, personalized customer service and some of the most innovative skin care, body contouring, and anti-aging products and services available in the region.

The process begins with a free consultation, where Dr. Tu and her assistants will discuss your concerns, recommend treatment options, and customize a course for your personal transformation. At the clinic, your concerns are our priority. Honest, individualized treatment programs for safe, natural results.

Frequently Asked Questions about ACCENT RF Skin Tightening & Body Contouring

  • What is the Accent Radiofrequency (RF)?

The Accent is a non-surgical, non-invasive, radio frequency (RF) treatment technology specifically designed for cellulite, skin tightening, and fat reduction. Radio waves create heat which results in the disruption of fat cells ultimately driving dramatic changes. The body absorbs the fat safely and it is released by the body through urination.

  • What is radiofrequency (RF)?

Radiofrequency is an energy that causes heating by using radio waves. It is the heating that causes both the fat cells to disrupt and skin to tighten. Accent RF treatments can create dramatic change without the need for invasive surgery, needles, or even topical anesthetics.

  • What is the difference between Unipolar and Bipolar radiofrequency (RF)?

The BiPolar RF hand piece penetrates between 2 to 6 mm into tissue-reaching collagen. The Bipolar hand piece is used for dermal applications and skin tightening. Heating to these tissue depths therapeutically improves local circulation, promotes fibrous tissue breakdown, and helps manage areas subject to edema by promoting the reabsorption and drainage of retained fluids and toxins.

The Unipolar hand piece, which is unique of the Accent, in the marketplace today, allows much deeper controlled penetration of RF. Accent RF technology facilitates and enhances the breakup of adipose tissue (which functions as the major storage site for fat); helping to mobilize and eliminate fat deposits-non-invasively. The Unipolar RF penetrates up to 20 mm deep and is designed to treat deeper levels of adipose (fat). The goal is to reduce fat without the need for invasive procedures. The Unipolar hand piece contains a thermo-electric cooling system to offset the heating effects caused by the Unipolar RF frequency.

  • What conditions does Accent RF treat?

Body treatments include cellulite, fat reduction, and skin tightening for legs, buttocks, hips, abdomen, love handles, arms, and other "problem" areas. Face treatments include skin tightening for necklines/jowls, cheek lines, forehead, and eyes.

  • What is cellulite?

Cellulite is a dimpling effect caused by the way fat cells lie in or between connective tissue in the body, occurring primarily in the hips-thighs-buttocks region. Contrary to popular belief, cellulite is not caused by excess weight. It's all in the genes, which explains why even fit women can have it. Exercise and eating habits, while helpful, often have little effect on the appearance of cellulite.

  • Does the Accent RF treatments eliminate these "problem" areas permanently?

Together with improved eating habits and exercise, one can experience better long-term results with most "problem" areas. Regarding cellulite, which is caused by one's genes, exercise and eating habits will have less effect on long-term results. Patients may require additional, future treatments to maintain desired results.

  • Is Accent RF safe?

The system has built-in safety protocols to ensure safety. Skin temperatures are measured after each treatment to ensure therapeutic results and safety. The popularity of this new technique lies in the speed of its operation and performance, as well as the fact that it involves no wound care or patient down time.

  • Why Accent RF over other RF systems on the market today to treat cellulite?

Studies are showing improved cellulite reduction four times faster than currently approved treatments. Also, Accent RF is much more powerful than other RF devices on the market today for cellulite treatment. The goal is to give patients the desired results with safer and fewer treatments with longer lasting results.

  • Is the Accent RF treatment painful?

The treatment is virtually painless. The only sensation the patient feels is mild heat. No needles or anesthesia are required. The laser's built-in thermo cooler minimizes heat sensation on contact. The skin may become slightly red after the immediate treatment; however, this disappears within an hour or so after treatment.

  • Is Accent RF for both women and men?

Yes. The Accent RF can be used not only on cellulite, but also other problem areas such as love handles, abdomens, face, neck, etc.

  • How long does each Accent RF treatment take?

Prior to any treatment, a 30-minute consultation takes place with the patient. The actual treatments will vary based on the amount of treatment areas. Most treatments take about 30-45 minutes, which includes measurements, digital photographs, and the treatment itself.

  • How many treatments are needed with Accent RF to reach a desired result?

It really depends on the specific patient and what the patient's goals are. It also depends on the treatment area and the amount of body fat or cellulite present. On the average, it takes 4-6 treatments to reach the desired result.

  • How often are the Accent RF treatments given?

It is recommended that the Accent RF treatments be given every other week, or every week, in special case, to allow the body to process the chemical changes caused by the Accent RF treatments.

  • How are fat deposits and cellulite eliminated after Accent RF treatments?

The body absorbs the fat safely and is released by the body through urination.

  • What is the recovery time after treatment?

Patients can return to work or other activities immediately after each session.

  • Are there medical conditions that may prohibit me from receiving the Accent RF treatment?

Yes, they include any history of skin malignancy, skin diseases, history of collagen or vascular disease, implantable pacemakers/defibrillators or alike, any large metallic implant, any medication that can cause skin hypersensitivity, hypertrophic scar or keloid formations, pregnancy, and dysfunctional uterine bleeding.

  • How to make the result faster, better and synchronous rejuvenation?
For synchronous (overall) rejuvenation, It is recommended to have “combine treatments”. That is to use RF treatments together with Ultrasonic Resonant treatment, with Laser, Botox, Restylane….

About BellaContour

BellaContour is a unique, non-invasive patented dual frequency ultrasound therapy and muscle stimulator system, developed specifically for aesthetic treatment that has resulted from several years of extensive research and development. It provides a technology designed to match the specific requirements and challenges of modern aesthetics.

The heart of the BellaContour combines a Dual Program Mode andReal Time Resonance Technology together with an electrode system. This innovative technology provides the perfect use of the mechanical-physical attributes of ultrasound for treatment on the various layers of the body’s skin. The resulting micro-massage actiongenerates an optimal acceleration of blood flow which causes a fundamental improvement in the structure and aesthetic appearance of thelayers of the skin and its tissue.

The treatment uses low ultrasound resonant technology to remove unwanted fat. An ultrasound beam selectively targets fat cells in the chosen body region, and brings them to self resonance.
The resonating effect triggers the cells to release their fatty substance into the tissue. When the fat is broken down to lipids it is recognized by our body as "free fat" that is then carried in our blood (the cardiovascular system) to our liver and there it transformed into energy.

Results and advantages:

· Vitalization of blood flow and reduction of joint pain

· Improvement of body contours

· Average reduction of the body circumference

· Improvement of the skin quality and its complexion

· Reduction andvisual improvement of stretch marks (striae

· Increasing blood’s natural osmotic action and oxygen transport

Technical safety and quality:

BellaContour is FDA approved for enhancing muscular blood flow and reducing joint pain and reducing cellulite.The BellaContour iscertified according to the EEC Medical Device Directive andconforms with the strict safety and quality standards of the Directive.
In addition the BellaContour has the ISO 13485 2003 certification, which is the highest existing
quality and performance standard. The BellaContour has CE Medical approval for the added indication of reducing cellulite and is in use for this indication in Europe, and other countries that recognize CE Medical, for this specific indication.

UltraShape™ Contour 1 The Proven Non-Invasive Solution For Body Contouring

· The UltraShape™ procedure for men and women is the first clinically proven non-invasive body contouring system to disrupt fat cells safely and effectively.

· UltraShape uses proprietary focused ultrasound technology which targets adipose tissue only, leaving critical surrounding structures intact. The lysed fat cells are safely cleared away by the body's natural physiological metabolic pathways.

· UltraShape delivers measurable and durable results: Multiple treatments are recommended for incremental fat thickness and circumference reduction and overall enhanced results. Average reduction in circumference, after three treatments, of 3.95 ± 1.99 cm (Moreno-Moraga et al, LSM, April 2007).

· The vast majority of patients report no pain or discomfort during or following treatment. The treatment requires no anesthesia or sedation.

· UltraShape is a convenient, “walk-in, walk-out” treatment carried out in an office-based environment.

· The treatment can be performed in as little as an hour in a certified physician’s office.

· After treatment, patients can immediately resume their normal daily activities.


  • UltraShape’s technology uses focused therapeutic ultrasound energy which, when applied to the subcutaneous fat layer, causes a mechanical (non-thermal) effect.
  • This mechanical effect results in selective tissue disruption: only adipose tissue within the targeted area are disrupted, leaving neighbouring critical structures intact.
  • The UltraShape treatment is guided by a patented tracking and guidance system which ensures complete and uniform treatment of the marked area to deliver smooth body contouring results: it prevents treatment beyond the pre-marked zone, recording and synchronising the body’s position in real-time to allow for breathing and movement.
  • UltraShape disrupts the fat cell membranes, causing the release of triglycerides (TG) from the cells. Triglycerides are then broken down into free fatty acids and glycerol by an enzyme called Lipase. The free fatty acids and the glycerol are transported by the natural mechanisms of the body to the liver. Free fatty acids, being insoluble in water, bind to albumin and are slowly transported to the liver, while the glycerol, which is soluble in water, is transported to the liver by the blood stream. The TG or its derivatives are therefore naturally processed by known metabolic pathways. The liver makes no distinction between fat originating from the disrupted fat cells (adipocytes) and fat derived from a consumed meal.
  • UltraShape’s published multi-center controlled clinical study and other independent clinical trials have shown that released triglycerides do not accumulate to any clinically significant extent in the blood or liver.
  • The clearance of the cell debris occurs through a physiological healing process over the first 3-4 weeks.
  • Immediately following completion of treatment, the patient can simply go back to his or her normal routine but will be advised to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet.


  • The treatment is designed for normal to overweight individuals, both male and female.
  • For people seeking a safe and effective non-invasive alternative for the reduction of localized fat deposits and circumference reduction, and improving body contours.

UltraShape's Technology

Non-invasive focused ultrasound

The UltraShape CONTOUR I ver. 2 uses a patented ultrasonic transducer to deliver focused ultrasound at a precise depth within the subcutaneous fat layer. It is designed to target and disrupt only adipose tissue, leaving critical surrounding structures such as skin, blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue intact. These acoustic waves of ultrasonic energy converge in a confined focal volume causing a selective mechanical effect on fat. Mechanical, non thermal effects are produced because of optimized acoustic parameters and pulsed energy delivery. Histological and clinical evidence demonstrate that surrounding structures exposed to the mechanical effects are not damaged. This mechanical effect allows for tissue selectivity -- only adipose cells within the targeted area are affected while surrounding tissues remain unharmed.

Real Time Guidance and Tracking System

The UltraShape procedure is guided by a proprietary real-time tracking and guidance system designed to deliver smooth, uniform body contouring results. The system’s software maps the treatment area in three dimensions and guarantees adherence to a pre-determined treatment algorithm. This algorithm ensures complete and uniform energy delivery over the entire treatment area, minimizing risk of contour irregularities, a common side effect of liposuction.

Additional benefits of the treatment algorithm include:

  • Treatment can only be performed within the marked treatment area.
  • Each point within the treatment area is treated only once.
  • Each pulse of energy is delivered immediately adjacent to the prior pulse ensuring uniform coverage over the entire treatment area.

The tracking system addresses the dynamic nature of the treatment area, as it monitors and synchronizes patient position in real-time, enabling the patient to move freely without impacting the treatment. Precision and safety are reinforced by an integrated acoustic contact sensor, which provides real-time feedback on acoustic contact, thus ensuring proper transducer-to-skin contact and efficient energy delivery to the treatment area.

Clinical Evidence

Publication of clinical data in two premier peer-reviewed journals support the safety and efficacy of the UltraShape CONTOUR I and are consistent with the clinical experience of many physicians performing the UltraShape procedure.

The worldwide multi-center single treatment controlled clinical trial results is currently available as an Advance online article at www.plasreconsurg.com, the Web site for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The article, "Non-Invasive Body Contouring by Focused Ultrasound: Safety and Efficacy of the Ultrashape CONTOUR I ver. 2 Device in a Multi-Center Controlled Clinical Study," Teitelbaum et al., is a report on 164 patients which shows durable and measurable circumference and fat thickness reduction of the abdomen, flanks and thighs after a single treatment without pain or downtime. These results will be published in the September issue of the journal.

In addition, an independent clinical trial showing the efficacy of multiple treatments with the UltraShape CONTOUR I was published in the April issue of Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, the journal for the American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery. The article “Body Contouring by Non-Invasive Transdermal Focused Ultrasound”, Moreno-Moraga et al., demonstrates that multiple treatments using UltraShape CONTOUR I ver. 2 as a non-invasive method for reducing unwanted fat deposits produce a 100% response rate with a mean reduction in fat thickness of 2.28 + 0.80 cm and a mean reduction in circumference of 3.95 ±1.99 cm. The study included 30 patients who received 3 treatments at 30 day intervals in the abdomen, flanks and thighs with no adverse events. As a control, weight loss was monitored to ensure results were not due to weight loss.

Since UltraShape received CE approval, over 35,000 commercial patient treatments have been performed worldwide without a single reported serious adverse event.

Photography of the Ultrashape CONTOUR I ver 2 system

Before and after pictures

Pictures courtesy of Dr. Javier Moreno-Moraga, Madrid, Spain

Before & After treatment

Pictures courtesy of Dr. Benjamin Ascher, Paris, France


Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT™) use high-energy acoustic waves that are generated by means of two combinable therapy devices – planar and radial type applicators – and introduced into the patient’s body. Aesthetic and dermatological disorders such as cellulite, scars or oedema can be treated effectively and with long-lasting results.

Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT™) use high-energy acoustic waves that are generated by means of two combinable therapy devices – planar and radial type applicators – and introduced into the patient’s body. Aesthetic and dermatological disorders such as cellulite, scars or oedema can be treated effectively and with long-lasting results.

Acoustic waves have been used in medicine with great success since 1980 for the disintegration of kidney stones (ESWL) and since 1992 for the treatment of orthopaedic conditions such as tendon and muscle disorders (ESWT).

Cosmetic practitioners use AWT™ primarily for the following applications:

  • Anti-cellulite therapy (stage I – III)
  • Muscle and connetive tissue tightening
  • Scar and wrinkle smoothing
  • Skin elasticity improvement
  • Treatment of pregnancy stretch marks
  • Circumference reduction

Medical pratitioners use AWT™ successfully for applications such as:

  • Lipoedema/lymphoedema treatment
  • Acceleration of healing processes.

The therapy success of the AWT™ method is evidenced by the formation of a collagenous-elastic fibre network in the subcutaneous adipose tissue. This is clearly visible in the ultrasound image. A significant improvement in skin elasticity lasting over 6 months has been documented in clinical examinations.



Acoustic wave therapy or AWT is a new treatment for cellulite. Acoustic wave therapy is used medically for disintegrating kidney stones. It uses the pressure waves to break up the fat. Pressure waves correct the connective tissue and release the dimples, by relaxing the connective tissue & strengthening it producing a smoother surface. AWT also helps to thicken the dermis, decreasing fat protrusion.


Yes, similar to power plates, the vibration of the pressure waves against the skin, cause muscles to tone up, so clients can get bath a smoother skin appearance as well as more toned thighs.


Ultrasound pictures taken of the skin, confirm thickening of the dermis immediately after even one session.


The procedure takes about 30 minutes for a typical thigh & buttock area. Extra time can be allocated for extra areas such as arms or abdomen.


10 sessions required. Treatments are recommended twice a week.


Maintenance treatments consist of one treatment every three months.


No. The client feels gentle pressure, pummelling on the skin, but it is relaxing enough


The procedure can be performed on the thighs, buttocks and arms. In some cases on the stomach can be treated, so long as there is cellulite present. It is not for fat reduction on the abdomen.


In many cases clients have reported good inch loss, but this is not always the case, as it primarily works on cellulite.


AWT delivers results in half the time of other systems i.e Endermology, & is more comfortable for the client too. We find typically Endermology clients averagely need 20 sessions for desirable results whereas with AWT 10 sessions are enough.


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